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Passion for Children and Business, MMI is looking for driven, like minded individuals to join our MMI family. The Modern Montessori International Group with close to 100 preschool centres operating in 15 countries, is looking for driven, like-minded individuals to join the MMI Family Tree. Our highly acclaimed, multiple-award winning organization, advocates freedom for children to explore their environment, resonates with parents deepest desires and love for their children.

“It is the child who makes the man, and no man exists who was not made by the child he once was..”

Dr. Maria Montessori

Benefits Of Being A MMI Franchisee

With over 30 years of experience in Early Childhood Education, MMI offers expertise and support and to local and regional franchisees by providing:

  • Renowned Preschool Brand

  • Unique Montessori Curriculum

  • Proven Business Model

  • Professional Teacher Training

  • Multiple Income Stream Business

  • Quality Control by HQ

  • School Management System

  • Comprehensive Support from HQ

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We Are More Than Just A Preschool

You will benefit from MMI experiences and tested quality operating system that help in establishing your business; from the teaching programmes, operation manuals, student marketing strategies right down to our unique proprietary teaching-learning equipment.

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I am a proud partner MMI Group of Schools. MMI commits to “Highest Quality” and MMI corporate are the most professional preschool educational group that I have come across. Since signing the agreement till date, I have had no regrets but complete peace of mind about the business decision I have made. I have received excellent and complete support in setup, training, curriculum, materials, marketing and operations till date. Parents are impressed with the well-structured curriculum and transformation they see in their children. You want to be a partner of MMI – Do not have second thoughts, come join us!

Mr. Govinda, Center Director

MMI India

In 2013 we joined the family of MMI International School. We pride ourselves to be a part of such a big professional preschool group. Their core team is very supportive and provide training from time to time to maintain the standards. We are highly obliged for the support we get from their team on every little thing.

Mr Sahar

MMI Egypt